“The Ideal City” competition project
St. Petersburg, Nevsky District, area limited by Oktyabrskaya Embankment, Telmana and Novoselov Streets, and rail tracks of the Zanevka-Neva route
Design: 2013
Client: ZAO BFA-Development

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yawein, Yanina Smolina, Ivan Kozhin, Vladimir Lemekhov, Yevgeniy Novosadyuk, Oksana Okladnikova, Andrey Patrikeev, Anna Rudenko, Mariya Sokolova

The residential area of 0.5 million m2 and 12000 residents is equivalent to a small European town in size. Thus, we interpreted the new neighbourhood as “the ideal city” based on a classic orthogonal grid with a planning module of 95x100 m (cf. neighbourhoods in the center of Barcelona are 113х113 m). The heart of the area is a 90x90 m square with a park in the center — a gravitational center for the whole neighbourhood and the main public space of “the ideal city”. The larger part of the neighbourhood is composed of two types of buildings, for families and for small families, that are arranged in a chessboard manner. Other residential buildings are

buildings forming a fence along the southern end of the nieghbourhood;
two towers (70 meters high) with studio apartments marking the entrance to the nieghbourhood;
a luxury apartment building on the embankment, with every apartment having the view of the Neva River;
apartment hotel in the building formerly belonging to the Thornton Woolen Mill;
a long residential building at the end of the U-shaped apartment hotel.
The residential area is equipped with social purpose buildings including schools and kindergartens. The laconic modern architecture is successfully complemented by the buildings that help preserve the historic memories of the area: the Vargunin Paper Mill and the Thornton Woolen Mill, which have been restored and adapted for modern use.