Russia, St. Petersburg, site south of Varshavsky Railway Station
Start of design: 2013
Client: LenSpecSMU

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. Yawein, N. Smolin, Ya. Smolina, D.Gordina, I.Kozhin, V.Lemekhov, E. Novosadyuk, A.Rudenko, M.Sokolova, M.Fedorov
with R. Pokrovskiy

Structural Engineers: S.Bogdanov, A.Lyashko, I.Nikulina

Visualisation: A.Vetkin, A. Patrikeev

The neighbourhood is located on the site of Varshavsky Railway Station tracks. A network of newly built roads (extensions of Novoizmaylovsky Avenue and Varshavskaya Street), the reconstructed Mitrofanyevskoe Motorway, and auxiliary local streets form the structural skeleton of the area.

The overall area of 49 hectares encompasses six blocks of nine- to thirteen-storied blocks of flats: oblong sectional and U-shaped buildings, as well as blocks with a closed-off courtyard in the middle. The spaces within the block are interconnected through a 2-kilometre-long pedestrian esplanade (a line park) stretching from Varshavsky Exspress Shopping Centre to Chernigovskaya Metro Station, which is currently being designed. The green line park will become a perfect environment both for meditative leisure activities and for exercise. The park has been laid out along the railway lines, integrating track fragments, railway points, etc. The old warehouses are preserved: restoration work will grant them a new life as offices, shops, and leisure facilities.

Total residential space area: app. 600 000 sq.m