Sochi, Russia
Design: 2010 -
Realization: 2010 - 2013
Client: Russian National railways

Olympic Park railway station will act as the key gates to the XXII Winter Olympic games (Sochi-2014). It is here that the flow of spectators (8 500 people per the busiest hour) will start their way towards the Olympic Square – the point of the ice rinks concentration. The origins for the design can be found in the direction of this flow, yet the connection is reciprocal – the flow determines the architecture, while the architecture serves to navigate the flow towards its destination. The awnings over the platforms are gradually developing into the roof structure that rises over the central volume and falls down in the shape of a long overhang as if splashing crowds of visitors into the Olympic park. Supple outlines of the roof make the entire building a continuation of the surrounding landscape.

The building will occupy a plot at the edge of the terrace 6 m in height. This location enabled us to create a public square in two levels: the upper level will be reserved for pedestrian flow, while the lower one - for transport activity (bus station etc.) The internal structure of the building also has terraced features. Spaces intended for long-distance passengers are raised over the rail tracks. Such a scheme transforms the railway station into a system of terraces with panoramic views of the mountains, the Black Sea, and the Olympic park with the stadiums. Three main levels are as follows: platforms and transport-free square at +6, 30 m level, restaurant at +10, 50 m level, and a long-distance concourse hall at +14, 42 level.

Building capacity:

1 300 passengers of local destinations during the Olympic Games;
1 240 inter-city passengers and 90 passengers of local destinations – after the Olympic Games
Estimated area – 10 324 sq. m
Usable area – 12 900 sq. m
GFA – 17 200 sq. m
Structural volume – 70 000 cub. m
Number of storeys – 3-6 storeys