Kazakhstan, Astana
Start of design: 2013-2015
End of construction: 2016
Client: Kazakh National Academy of Choreography State Foundation

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, E. Yu. Alyoshina, D. A. Gordina, Y. V. Dubeiko, N. V. Levina, E. A. Novosadyuk, V. A. Romantsev, N. A. Smolin, Ya. V. Smolina, M. N. Sokolova, M. S. Spivak, U. V. Sulimova
with A. V. Vetkin, A. A. Patrikeyev
in cooperation with Basis-A Corporation (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Principal Project Architects: N. Solovyova; Principal Engineer: V. Fomoidi

Structural Engineers: M. Vainshteyn, T. Pugacheva

Kazakh National Academy of Choreography is the first higher education institution offering the complete professional choreography training program in Central Asia. The educational complex includes the Academy of Ballet with a Studio Theatre and 21 rehearsal halls of 100 to 400 m2, a regular school and the Institute of Choreography, halls of residence, a hotel, and the Ballet Theatre. The functions of the complex are encompassed in separate volumes stretched along the boulevard axis and interlinked via a system of heated galleries. The small scale of the building acts as counterpoint to the grandeur of the kilometers-long esplanade, which leads from Baiterek to EXPO-2018. Colonnades are the leading motif of the whole spatial concept. Slim snow-white columns frame the buildings and courtyards, forming porticos and galleries. The key element of the complex—the Ballet Theatre—alludes to two references: the unique geometry and ornaments of Oriental architecture are blended with classical colonnades and a portico covering the square in front of the main entrance. The auditorium seats 800 and is structured as a tiered ‘theatre of boxes’.

Total area: 62 484 sq.m