Redeveloped industrial areas and new construction
Competition Concept
Russia, St. Petersburg, Krasnogo Tekstilschika Street 10-12, 15-17 and Novgorodskaya Street 13
Design: 2014
Client: ZAO Forum Holding Company

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, A. A. Rudenko, A. P. Yar-Skryabin
with E. Yu. Aleshina, A. I. Amelkovich, A. A. Kutilina, N. A. Saltan

Visualization: A. V. Vetkin, A. A. Patrikeyev

The concept of the new residential block in Krasnogo Tekstilschika Street implies preserving the listed buildings of the Neva Cotton Mill and adapting five late nineteenth–early twentieth century industrial architecture monuments for office, hotel, and educational purposes. The areas cleared of less valuable buildings are occupied by two blocks of flats, a hotel reception building and a school. The new buildings are 26.9 m high on the street side and 33.0 m high inside the block. The new and old buildings are comparable not only in height, but also in their tectonics, scale, and vertical juncture rhythm. Red-brown brick facade adds to the harmony with the overall industrial context.

The new residential complex in Novgorodskaya Street includes two U-shaped blocks of flats facing the pedestrian street inside the city block, four oblong buildings facing the street’s other side, and a tower block with a single loft apartment occupying each floor. To the south-west of the residential buildings, there are a business centre integrating three historic buildings and a sports centre.

Gross Floor Area:

1. Krasnogo Tekstilschika Street 10-12, 15-17:
- residential - 120 900 sq.m
- offices - 50 766 sq.m
- hotel - 43 960 sq.m (500 rooms)
- school - 13 589 sq.m
2. Novgorodskaya Street 13:
- residential - 77 600 sq.m
- offices - 16 800 sq.m
- sports centre - 5 898 sq.m