The site bounded by Peterburgskoe Motorway, Kuzminskoe Motorway, Tsarskoselsky Factory and the Kuzminka River
Pushkin, St. Petersburg, Russia
Start of design: 2017
Client: ZAO Petrostroy Corporation

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, V. I. Burmistrova, V. A. Zenkevich with R. O. Pokrovsky

Visualization: A. A. Patrikeyev

The area of 109 hectares by the motorway entrance to the town of Pushkin has been divided into several planning zones. The main residential zone is comprised of 18-meter-tall four-storied gabled houses. The dimensions of the residential blocks are 200x200 m, which is consistent with the layout grid of the center of Pushkin. The layout composition of the residential zone has been inspired by the landscapes of the town’s regular parks. Another reference point for the new residential complex is the “amusing” architecture of the pavilions in the Catherine and Alexander Parks, as well as the “towns” and “villages” of Tsarskoe Selo: the Chinese Village and Theodore Town.

In the north and in the east, the residential blocks are bounded by landscaped areas: a 200-meter-wide esplanade along Peterburgskoe Motorway and a park on the bank of the Kuzminka River. The two green areas merge to create a single recreational zone with pedestrian and bicycle pathways and playgrounds. The parks also house the neighbourhood’s social infrastructure: a school, a kindergarten, a clinic, a cultural centre and a gym. In the west, an area along the Kuzminskoe Water Reserve has been allocated for 12-meter-tall three-storied cottages.

Total residential space area: app. 247 480 sq.m