Russia, St. Petersburg, Intersection of Telezhnaya Street and Chernoretzky Lane
Design: 2004-2006
Realization: 2006-2009
Client: OAO Peterburgrekonstrukziya

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Ekaterina Kobozeva, Petr Shlichter with the Participation of Grigoriy Ivanov

Structural engineer: Yury Bondarev, Irina Lyashko, Irins Nikulina, Natalya Prosvetova, Liudmila Shvalova

Building volume is a composition of glass prisms fanning out from the centre. A stone “belt” entwines the prisms at the level of 3-6th storeys repeating the tectonics of the neighbouring building and accentuating the dynamic curve of the street. Internal space is concentrated around a small atrium with a cone-shaped skylight. This “light well” contains a panoramic-view lift. Office galleries on each floor can be accessed via drawbridges.

Building footprint – 403 sq. m
GFA – 2 969, 4 sq. m
Usable area – 2 313, 4 sq. m
Office GFA – 1 785, 2 sq. m
Number of storeys – 8 storeys + underground space
Structural volume – 12 711 cub. m, this includes:

overground – 11 940 cub. m
underground – 771 cub. m