Residential complex «Fortetsia»

Residential complex «Fortetsia»

Russia, St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, Tulonskaya Alley, 2
Design: 2017
Client: CRP “Peterburjskaya nedvijimost”

Project team:

Architects: Anton Yar-Scriabin, Victoria Moskvitina, Arthur Soloviev, Margarita Fomina, Roman Pokrovskiy, Marina Goryachkina, Marina Turchenko, Vadim Ponomarev, Anna Snegova, Anastasiia Verenich

Chief Project Engineers: Lev Gershtein, Maria Rogozhkina, Andrey Kalitin

Chief project constructor: Dmitriy Kresov, Alexandra Maul, Irina Nikulina, Valentina Kuznetsova, Sergei Shvedov, Sergei Bogdanov

Residential complex «Fortetsia» is arised on the south-eastern tip of Kotlin Island, on bulk ground from the first half of the twentieth century. The complex consists of five buildings set along the front of Toulon Alley - two single-section blocks and tree opened «carrés» blocks, with courtyards-cour d'honneurs, opened directly towards the Gulf of Finland. The height of the buildings is 4 storees (or 15 meters to the roof ridge), due to the standing order of the building regulation zone within which the building plot is located.
Ground floors of all five blocks on the Toulon Alley side are used for retail and service facilities, while on the inside there are wheelchair spaces and storage rooms for the tenants. Underneath the buildings there are 3 underground car parks for 80 cars each, using two-level parking systems. The inner courtyards on the roofs of the car parks are landscaped over a 1.5m layer of vegetative soil.
There are a total of 646 flats in the complex; the variety of flats ranges from studios to spacious four-bedroom apartments, but, regardless of size, all flats overlooking the bay have floor-to-ceiling panoramic glazing.
The exterior of the buildings is designed in harmony with the image of the fortress city. Restrained plasticity of the facades and red brick finish with burgundy-coloured inlays refer back to the nearby historical buildings - the Kronstadt Fortress and the Admiralty.
Total building area - 44,162 sq. m.