Kazakhstan, Astana, 34 Respubliki Avenue
Design: 2010
Client: Astana Department of Architecture and Urban Planning on behalf of the Akimat of the City of Astana

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yawein, Vladimir Zenkevich, Vladimir Lemekhov, Georgy Snezhkin, Ilya Grigoriev, Ivan Kozhin, Yulia Dubejko, Yekaterina Nikitina, Andrey Partrikeev, Anna Rudenko, Mariya Sokolova, Kseniya Schastlivtseva

Structural Designer: Dmitriy Kresov

The diverse functional zones of the Zhastar Palace are confined to a 65x65x65 cube. Behind the transparent walls of the cube, there is a number of blocks of different shapes and sizes connected by the bright lines of staircases and elevators. Each of the blocks serves a specific function (children’s center, concert hall, discussion club, media center, etc.) and differs from the rest in colour and texture. The artistic image is intended to show the unity and struggle of the dynamic and the static: the cube’s rigid crystalline grid controls the multicoloured chaos and helps find a common denominator.

The building has been lifted 5 m above ground, with a Youth Forum for public festivals underneath. To the north of the Palace, a sports complex is located and to the south there is an open-air amphitheater.

Zhastar Palace is located along the 2.7-km-long Pedestrian Boulevard, which has been intended as a system of various public spaces serving people of every age and social standing. One of the features of the Boulevard is a promenade gallery located five meters up above ground. The gallery runs along the Respubliki Avenue and ends with an entrance to the Palace.

Building footprint – 9 670 sq. m
Total area – 42 850 sq. m
Building bulk – 305 550 cub. m
Number of stories – 12 stories
Number of seats:

concert hall – 1500 seats
movie theater – 800 seats
media center and discussion club – 600 seats
Overall one-time capacity – 3 800 seats
Parking space capacity – 350 vehicles