Kazakhstan, Astana, corner of Orynbor and Turara Ryskulova Streets
Design: 2013
Clients: Basis-A Corporation (Almaty, Kazakhstan)

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, N. I. Novotochinov, A. A. Rudenko, G. S. Snezhkin, A. P. Yar-Skryabin

Visualization: A. A. Patrikeyev, V. A. Sokolov

The building of Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense comprises six towers to hold six ministry departments. The towers are connected by two horizontal elements: a massive stylobate, which seems to elevate the towers above street level, and a plinth floor at 51 m above ground.

Inside the stylobate, there are parking lots, a sports centre, a medical centre, and barracks,. The accessible roof of the stylobate serves as an open-air public space at the foot of the towers and includes military ceremonial grounds. The towers are conventional administrative buildings with a central staircase and elevator node. The plinth bringing together the top of the towers holds the infrastructure serving all ministry departments: a restaurant, a canteen, and auditoriums adapted for various purposes. An Officers’ Club and the Military Glory Museum alternate with open courtyard terraces.

An ensemble of grandiose portals, porticos, and triumphal arches, the new Ministry of Defense building embodies the impregnable security mechanism and a friendly openness of the army towards the people.

Total area: 125 070 sq.m