Russia, St. Petersburg, 28A Chapaeva Street
Start of design: 2014
Client: OOO Elit Tauer

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, V. B. Ponomarev, E. Yu. Alyoshina, A. S. Dryazzhina, R. R. Shigapova, R. O. Pokrovsky

Structural Engineer: Yu. V. Bondarev (ООО «Тектон»)

Principal Engineers: L. V. Gershteyn, V. E. Kremlyovsky

The complexly configured building with a substantial plinth perfectly fits the small triangular site. The proportional structure, tectonics and the facade colour scheme are consistent with the historic environment—the hospital and blacksmith shop of the former Barracks of the Grenadiers. Light-coloured trimstone creates an impression of timber-framing with textured cream-coloured brickwork serving as infill. Recessed and French balconies are paneled with thick fireproof glass.

The residential volume has a centric layout. The core of the composition is a seven-storied atrium with a panoramic elevator covered with a transparent semi-spherical roof. The elevator shaft is surrounded by a gallery with apartment doors. On Floors One to Five, there are seven flats per floor, their size varying from 45 to 105 m2. On the top, sixth, floor, there are only three flats with vast observation terraces.

The triangular plinth houses an automatized parking space for up to 43 vehicles, reception services, and commercial spaces for rent.

Gross floor area: 6 760 sq.m (38 apartments)