Russia, St. Petersburg, 2 A Akkuratova Street
Design: 2008-2010
Realization: 2010-2013
Client: Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Centre

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Nikolay Smolin, Vasily Romantsev, Yanina Smolina, Darya Nasonova, Petr Schlichter, Natalya Poznyanskaya, Elena Loginova, Igor Britikov,

Maryam Zamelova, Tatyana Andreeva, Darya Gordina, Mikhail Fedorov

Principal engineer – Evgeny Korepanov

Structural engineer: Dmitriy Kresov, Irina Lyashko, Irina Nikulina, Irina Berina, Anna Lyashko, Liudmila Shvalova, Elena Silantyeva, Irina Korolkova, Vladimir Turchevskiy

The new building of the Almazov centre will accommodate premises for cardiac surgery, hematological transplantations, stem cells transplantations and other cutting-edge operations. The geometry of the land parcel inspired the final planning solution – there will appear a composition of three volumes of various dimensions set in a succession along the frontage line. Each volume contains one function. The high-rise oval tower standing at the corner of the parcel will become a patient treatment centre (Block 1). According to the existing regulations, the rooms for the inpatients occupy the first 12 floors, while the upper floors accommodate surgery rooms, diagnostic department, administration and teaching unit.

The small circular building located behind the tower will function as a conference-hall for various research symposia and exhibitions (Block 2).

The rectangular volume set behind the conference-building (Block 3) is the last addition to the existing complex. The 'blocks' are interconnected by the landscaped roof of the stylobate and the basement storey that contains all of the technological links of the complex.

Parcel area – 36 757 sq. m
Landscaped area – 7 665 sq. m
Footprint – 3 258 sq. m
Inpatients treatment capacity – 300 beds, out of there 50 beds for children
Resuscitation department capacity – 38 beds
Multi-purpose hall capacity – 600 chairs
GFA – 35 550 sq. m, out of there:

basement – 3 086 sq. m
Block 1 – 28 253 sq. m
Block 2 – 3 140 sq. m
Block 3 – 1 071 sq. m
Structural volume – 157 720 cub.m, out of there:

over 0.000 level– 142 865 cub. m
under 0.000 – 14 855 cub. m