The grounds of the former Konigsberg King’s Castle, Kaliningrad, Russia
Project: 2015 (competition project, 2nd prize)
Competition organizer: Non-Profit Partnership «Urban Planning Bureau «Heart of the City»
Client: Kaliningrad Region Government and Kaliningrad City Administration, Committee for Architecture and Construction

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yawein, Ilya Grigoryev, Xenia Schastlivtseva,
with Ivan Kozhin, Vera Burmistrova, Roman Pokrovskiy

The Post-Castle governmental historic and cultural complex is to be located in the very heart of Kaliningrad, where the Konigsberg Castle (German: Konigsberger Schlo?) also known as King’s Castle, the seat of the Teutonic Order, used to stand. The castle was founded in 1255 and demolished in 1968. The only surviving part is the foundation. In 1970, the construction of the House of Soviets near the castle ruin was launched; however, the project was never finished.

In the proposal by Studio 44 Architects, the King’s Castle is coming back to Kaliningrad’s cityscape as its main dominant point (104.0 х 66.8 m in the plan view; the height of the tallest Castle Tower is 84.5 m), as the main public space and as the main focus of the citizens’ social and cultural life.

The outer walls are reconstructed in historic and modern materials, preserving their original size and shape. The new volumes form a protective case over the archaeological monument – the castle’s historic foundation structures. Inside the new buildings on top of the foundations, there is a ring route to view the authentic ruin. 14 meters above them float ‘the halls on the vaults’ — the Museum of the History of the King’s Castle.

In addition to museums, Post-Castle also houses the replica of the historic Blutgericht (“the bloody trial”) restaurant, the Marzipan Shop and the Wine Cellar, as well as a library, media collection, and educational facilities. It also holds city administration premises that will be used for presentation purposes: the governor’s office and the Ceremonial Hall in the Moscovites’ Hall, which is to be fully replicated.

The Post Castle courtyard holds a multifunctional 1600-seat auditorium. It is an amphitheater stretching six meters down from the level of the square and its accessible roof acts as an internal public square.

The unfinished House of Soviets is reconstructed to serve as hotel and conference center.

Total area is 46 500 sq.m, namely: Post Castle – 20 100 sq.m; The House of Soviets – 26 400 sq.m