Russia, St. Petersburg, Kronstadt, 46 Zosimova Street
Start of design: 2011
End of construction: 2015
Client: OOO KVS

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, V. L. Kulachenkov, V. B. Ponomarev, M. K. Goryachkina, with I. E. Grigoryev, Yu. V. Dubeiko

Structural Engineer: I. N. Lyashko, I. A. Nikulina, A. S. Krivonosov

Principal Engineers: L. V. Gershteyn, V. E. Kremlyovsky

Architectural Supervision: D. Yu. Yaroshevsky

The residential complex comprises two U-shaped structures brought together by an oblong building. Thus, the complex has three courtyards: a U-shaped yard facing the street and two closed off yards raised one meter above ground. In the 26-meter-wide closed courtyards, there are children’s playgrounds and leisure gardens for all residents, as well as private gardens belonging to the residents of the large groundfloor apartments, which take up several levels and have their own private street entrances. The outer perimeter of the residential complex is formed by economy-class one- or two-bedroom apartments.

Located near listed architectural monuments, the new block builds on the historic principles of the fortress city of Kronstadt both through its dimensions and rigid structure, as well as through its vague similarity to a fortress. The main facade is symmetrical and is divided in three parts, while the two shades of brick enhance the harmony with the block’s nearest environment.