Russia, St. Petersburg, 23, 25/1, 27/1 Geroev Avenue
Start of design: 2012-2014
End of construction: 2014-2016
Client: OOO Duderhof Project

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, N. A. Smolin, V. A. Kralin, Ya. V. Smolina, N. Yu. Andreeva, O. V. Shurupova, L. Yu. Karpenko
with N. I. Novotochinov

Structural Engineers: I. N. Lyashko, I. A. Nikulina, N. V. Prosvetova, A. A. Lyashko, Z. A. Konashchuk, N. G. Polyakova, M. B. Bibikova, I. I. Berina, M. V. Tarakanova, S. M. Gorbunov

Development and production of Unistem MS 90 module facade: Unistem Company

The residential complex comprises three blocks of flats, each consisting of two 20–21 stories tall parts: an L-shaped volume with rounded corners and an oblong volume that protects the courtyard from the winds coming in from the sea. The buildings are brought together by a single one-storied plinth floor, which houses a parking space, a built-in transformer substation, and a kindergarten for up to 75 children.

The facades of the complex form the Geroev Avenue front on a stretch of approximately 500 metres. Studio 44 Architects had suggested frameless glazing; however, this solution went beyond the construction budget. The search for an alternative together with Unistem Company brought about an innovative outcome. The outer layer of the walls was made out of one-storey-high glazed modules, which provide a perfect panoramic view of the vicinity. The esthetic qualities of the transparent veil with a blue and turquoise colour scheme have been subject of elaborate consideration. In addition to glass panels, the module system includes sun-screening grids with horizontal fins, which can be moved along the guides in each apartment, thus, modifying the pattern on the facade.

Gross floor area – 193 003 sq.m (65 506 + 65 621 + 61 876)

Total number of apartments – 2 120 (725 + 725 + 670)