Russia, St. Petersburg, 8 Tipanova Street
Start of design: 2016
Client: OOO Business City

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, V. I. Burmistrova, V. A. Zenkevich, A. P. Kosharny
with E. Yu. Alyoshina, E. M. Bogomaz, R. O. Pokrovsky, M. K. Goryachkina

Visualization: A. A. Patrikeyev

Structural Engineers: A. S. Krivonosov, M. V. Novosyolov

The residential complex comprises three volumes. The Tipanova Street front is shaped by two 80-meter-tall portal buildings (23 stories). The space between them becoes a promenade leading into the site, where a third residential block, a 50-metre-tall building (16 stories) with a closed-off courtyard, rests on the roof of the semi-underground parking lot. Ramps and staircases, including a wide ceremonial staircase at the end of the promenade, provide access to the courtyard. The three volumes are linked both functionally, by single-storied connecting wings, and visually, by a two-tiered colonnade forming a gallery along Tipanova Street.

The architecture of the complex was inspired by the masters of the Leningrad School (I. A. Fomin and others), who fused together the neoclassical tradition of St. Petersburg and the grand scale of Moscow. The project employs some of their devices, such as joining several stories to create horizontal tiers with the help of colonnades. Varied rhythm and chessboard pattern of the column placement allows the authors of the project to avoid excessive rigidity of the orthogonal grid and brings a playful note into the clean facade design.

Total area: 234 150 sq.m (1 890 apartments)