Russia, St. Petersburg, 25 Nevsky Prospect 
Design: 1994-1995
Realization: 1996-1998
Client: AOOT "Nevsky, 25" (from the Investment of the European Bank of the Reconstruction and Development – EBRD)

Authors of the project:

Architects: Sergey Sokolov, Nikita Yavein, Vitaly Antipin, Pavel Sokolov, Eduard Tysherskiy

The wealth of covered atriums in St. Petersburg’s reconstruction projects are a result not only of the cold climate or of fashion, but of tradition too. «Atrium on Nevsky, 25» is one of the first examples of the continuation of this tradition in post-soviet times.

The external appearance of the building (previously a residence for clergymen of Kazanskiy Cathedral, 1813-1817, arch. V. P. Stasov) was faithfully restored, and looks exactly as if it comes from the famous panorama of Nevsky prospect painted by Sadovnikov. Only one concession was made for investors, who sought an increase in rentable space, and that was a negligible increase in the height of the rooftop in comparison with its historical design. Even so «Atrium» has retained first place in the rating of business-centres in St.-Petersburg for the last nine years.

The internal courtyard can be described as a «piazetta» with its main attribute – a fountain and caf? tables arranged around it. Here are all the familiar symbols of Saint-Petersburg: lanterns, lion’s head masks, a fluted column with a bronze ship. The theatricality is enhanced by the contrasting colouring of the walls. Each construction period is presented in its preferred colour: classicism – in yellow& white, early eclectics – in terracotta, latest eclectics – in pale lilac. Contemporaneity is identified by glass, framing the courtyard facade images as like a universal key. All in all this is a piece in the popular genre of «classical entertainment». Its happy major tones were awarded the State Prize of Russia for Art and Literature (1998). But maybe the most important, it won the love of the citizens. There are always plenty of people here.

GFA– 10 000 sq. m
Usable area – 8 070 sq. m, which includes:

retail – 2 712 sq. m
office – 5 358 sq. m
Structural volume – 487 890 sq. m