Russia, Pushkin, 7, Sofiskiy Boulevard
Design: 1999-2000
Realization: 2000-2001
Client: Centr Kachestva Stroitelstva (Centre for Construction Quality)

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Vladimir Parfyonov

The building is located in central Pushkin – an area of historical and contemporary development coexistence. We saw our mission in harmonizing the architectural appearance of the new building with all the elements of this variegated landscape. Another challenge was to establish certain resemblance to the pavilions of the palace and park ensembles located nearby.

The octagonal shape of the building looks very compact. The decor of the facades is laconic – it is just a contemporary interpretation of some Classical order elements. Canopied entrances, balconies in the form of oriel windows and an eight-pitch roof with a cone-shaped central skylight add to the resemblance of the building to a historical park pavilion.

The staircase is at the core of the spatial structure, with all the apartments fanning out like rays from one central point. The entrances to the apartments are set symmetrically to the stairwell diagonal axis.

Gross floor area ? 2 520 sq. m
Typical apartment area – 123 sq. m
Number of storeys – 3
Number of apartments – 12
Structural volume – 9 110 cub. m