88 emb. of North Dvina, Arkhangelsk, Russia
Design: 2002
Realization: 2002-2003
Client: OAO ‘Hotel Alrosa’

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Valery Kulachenkov

Structural engineer: Leonid Kaplan

The hotel architecture provokes allusions both to the aesthetics of Constructivism and to the naval imagery. The romantic white boat tends towards North Dvina Embankment; it is there, to the river, that its pinnacle in the shape of a deckhouse and the acute angle of its entrance overhang resembling the dynamic bow of an ocean liner are oriented. The two levels of the overhang and the balconies of the 1st floor are interpreted as promenade decks, the glazed bow windows provide for superb panoramic views, while the side facades of the building are animated with porthole-like windows.

The hotel comprises one renovated building and three new additions – two eight-storey hotel buildings and one four-storey service building. The hotel buildings are connected by an angular atrium where the lobby, meeting spaces and panoramic lifts are situated.

Gross floor area – 12 160 sq. m
Structural volume – 46 930 cub. m
Number of rooms – 300