Russia, St. Petersburg, 5 Krestyanskiy Lane
Design: 2001-2002
Realization: 2002-2004
Client: ZAO ‘BSK-PGS’

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Vladimir Parfyonov, Ekaterina Kobozeva

Structural engineers: Yury Bondarev, Irina Liashko

The architecture of this building was the result of the collision of two positions: the customer asked to build a building in the Northern Moderne style, the creators of the project persuaded him towards an accent on the contemporary with light allusions towards classic constructivism.

A way out of the situation was suggested by the Petrograd Side of the city, an area rich in examples of the symbiosis of both styles. By distilling the "sublime geometry" from its houses, the designers obtained an extract which contains motifs and approaches characterised in the Petrograd Side in concentrated form. An urban landscape formed partly during the period of Moderne and partly during constructivism.

The outline of the building is in the form of a butterfly, the wings of which are connected by an arch. The arch is the compositional centre of the facade, which is thickly dotted with bay windows and towers; all of this gives the facade the appearance of a viewing portal. But this portal is translated into a hyper scale, the scale of a "cour d'honneur". The whole building is designed in swathes of different textures: brick and plastered surfaces are connected by glass or metal elements. This allows different parts of the building to affirm their genetic relation to their surroundings, and gives the structure as a whole the ability to be absolutely individual.

Total area 7 645 sq. m