Russia, St. Petersburg, 4-6, 10th Sovetskaya Street
Design: 2003-2005
Realization: 2005-2006
Client: OAO ‘GRST-1’

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Vladimir Parfyonov, Janna Razumova

Project team: Grigory Ivanov, Ekaterina Kobozeva, Anastasia Skorik, Lubov Usova

Structural engineer: Yury Bondarev, Irina Lyashko, Irina Gracheva, Irina Nikulina

Constructed in a semi-residential / semi-industrial district, surrounded by older rental apartments and constructivist social housing, and on an inconvenient triangular site, this is a Petersburg Flatiron building; nevertheless it carries a charge of vital energy.

Like a sponge, it has absorbed favourite themes of constructivism - here we find both flat triangles and arches of bay windows, closed loggias, and pure naked walls. There are thin column-legs, and a cylindrical tower on the corner and, of course, the sharp nose confidently cutting across the space.

However the house is made from the elements of one style put together according to the tenets of another: its facade with three well-defined sections and local axes of symmetry. The volumes, in all their apparent independence are all the same subject to the main theme which creates a coherent whole. The forms of the walls "bend" and "break" not to demonstrate the struggle of man’s attempts to create an environment but rather the natural reaction of a living organism to the pressure of the big round courtyard enclosed within.

Here we have not an assembly of elements, yet neither is it a single order; rather, a synthesis.

Parcel area – 2 690 sq. m
GFA – 10 762 sq. m
Number of storeys – 8 (7 storeys + basement level)

Number of apartments – 72, out of there:

one-bedroom – 18
two-bedroom – 15
three-bedroom – 34
four-bedroom – 5