Surgut, Russia
Design: 2006
Client: OAO Surgutneftegaz

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yaveyn, Vasily Romantsev, Natalia Arkhipova, Yury Ashmetiev, Grigory Ivanov with the participation of Dmitriy Kosov, Margarita Yaveyn

Structural engineer: Oleg Kurbatov

The city of Surgut in Siberia is one of the major Russian oil cities. It is quickly developing but lacks a single space for various cultural events. In our proposal, Neftianik Palace of Culture is intended as a multi-purpose cultural space and a focus of city life.

The design was inspired by the motif of the Roman forum – a core of Roman public life and socializing. Considering that winter in Siberia lasts for the most of the year, we reinvented the idea of the Forum and located it inside the building.

The centre of the forum is the stage with all of the other functions concentrated around it. The mechanism of the stage provides for the flexible transfiguration of all of the spaces. Besides, the mechanism allows the spaces to function both separately from each other, or be united into a single organism – a covered stadium with the seating capacity of over 3, 000 persons.

The design for the auditorium is rather unique. Its closest antecedent is an amphitheatre. At the same time, it is a multilevel auditorium composed of separate boxes. Seat equivalency is complemented by greater psychological comfort and unity within each group. The boxes have different seating capacity (6-20 seats) and are set in staggered rows. Each row is 1, 20 – 1, 25 m elevated over the previous one with the second row within each box being 30-35 sm raised over the lower one. Each box is connected to the foyer by a separate drawbridge.

Gross floor area - 15 300 sq. m
Structural volume - 107 000 cub. m
Auditorium seating capacity - 874 persons (maximum capacity with additional chairs 1 061 persons)