34 Petrogradskaya Emb., St. Petersburg, Russia
Design: 2004-2007
Realization: 2007-2009
Client: ZAO "Petrovsky Trade House"

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Valery Kulachenkov, Vladimir Lemekhov, Pavel Sokolov

Project team: Tatyana Vasilyeva, Olga Volkova, Mariam Zamelova, Dmitry Kosov, Tatyana Sologub, Varvara Khmelyova

Structural engineers: Oleg Kurbatov, Vladimir Ioffe

"Linkor" (Linkor) Business Centre is constructed inside the shell of two former industrial buildings. It owes its marine character to the «Aurora» cruiser and the Nakhimov Marine Academy nearby, but to an even greater degree, to the client who, falling into deep thought, said: «Today business is sailing who knows where…». So the business centre became a ship. Also it has turned out that this form, however unlikely it may be for dry land, can lend the project a number of functional advantages.

Firstly, having put the ship on bolsters, it is possible to provide a big guest parking area under its hull, and, in this way to relieve visitors from wandering about in underground labyrinths. In fact, ease of arrival and departure is now an indispensable criterion for A-class business centres. Secondly, the contour of a vessel, wide from below and smoothly narrowed towards the top, ideally corresponds to the price and typological hierarchy of office rooms. An economical «hold» containing halls with flexible lay-out will be suited for big sub-divisions of large companies: smaller and more expensive offices are above them, and the most prestigious ones are higher still. The top «decks», with panoramic-view terraces, are intended for restaurants and cafes working for the city.

The "Linkor" looks a little “unfinished”, in places its glass covering does not run to the end of the decks, leaving the frame exposed. It looks as if the ship is not ready to slide down the slipway and into the water yet. However, in the atrium, connecting the «Linkor» with the second part of the building, it is possible to feel as though you are under water in between two ships – this is due to the inclined walls and the glass ceiling which proceeds in waves.

Parcel area – 8 099 sq. m
Footprint area – 5 284 sq. m
GFA – 23 183 sq. m
Usable area – 18 536 sq. m
Estimated area – 16 302 sq. m, out of there:

offices – 13 680 sq. m
Parking numbers – 160
Structural volume – 145 013 cub. m