40/16 St. Peterburgsky Avenue, Peterhof, St. Petersburg
Design: 2004-2006
Realization: 2006-2010
Client: ZAO "Inteco"

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Vitaly Antipin, Vladimir Zenkevich, Grigory Ivanov

Structural engineer: Yury Bondarev, Irina Lyashko

The hotel complex is located in the historical centre of Peterhof close to the Upper Garden of the world-famous palace ensemble. This area is recognized as the UNESCO world heritage site and therefore is subject to strict height regulations. The presence of St. Peter and Paul cathedral in Old Russian style (1905) and the four wooden houses of the former Nikita Khrushchev’s residence also imposed a most sensitive-to-the-site approach.

The complex is composed of six buildings. One-storey platform unites them into a single space. The platform houses most of the hotel services and facilities. Its landscaped roof is interpreted as an internal street, or a hanging garden with trees, lawns and small skylights providing light downwards into the hotel lobby. The street axis is oriented towards the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. 8 m gaps between the buildings are filled with lawn-like ramps. The latter visually diminishes the rather spacious hotel territory, while the three overground storeys of the hotel wings resemble the classical composition of historical park pavilions. Park atmosphere, the combination of natural stone and timber in the finishing of the facades, as well as the location of the two storeys of the hotel below ‘ground’ make the entire complex a statement of eco-architecture.

Historical structures of the former Nikita Khrushchev’s residence were renovated and integrated into the complex.

Parcel area – 10 294 sq. m

New construction:
Building footprint – 4 740 sq. m
Gross floor area – 13 310 sq. m
Usable area – 12 200 sq. m, out of there:

Hotel rooms – 8 166 sq. m (150 rooms)
administration and conference-hall – 1 083 sq. m
restaurant & bar – 1 236 sq. m
fitness-centre – 685 sq. m
underground parking – 1 030 sq. m
Structural volume – 62 445 cub. m

3 – overground,
2 – underground
Gross floor area – 1 611 sq. m
Usable area – 1 311 sq. m
Structural volume – 6 427 cub. m