Concept design
Moskovsky District, St. Petersburg
Design: 2010
Client: St. Petersburg Committee for City Planning and Architecture
General contarctor: ZAO Lenstroyremont

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Natalya Arkhipova, Yuri Ashmetyev, Mariya Vinogradova, Vadim Ponomarev, Vasily Romantsev
with the participation of Sergey Aksenov, George Snezhkin

Model: Yakov Itsikson (head of the team)

The transformation of the abandoned territory (36, 7 ha) near the Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex into a seamless complex of track & field arenas is based on the imagery of the Solar system. The existing Sports and Concert Complex acts as the core of the composition. It is surrounded by circular structures – stadia, multi-level car parks, transparent domes over the atrium spaces, outdoor courtyards.

A single stylobate 9m in height unites both the existing and the new structures into three groups. It accommodates various functions (service, retail, etc.), as well as recreation spaces, such as indoor tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, futsal, badminton pitches. The landscaped roofs of the stylobate act as park zones for promenades and sport practicing (i.e. outdoor tennis courts).

Derelict spaces around the Sports and Concert Complex receive new functions and attractiveness for the inhabitants of the city.

GFA – 96 720 sq. m, which includes, outdoor car park for 680 cars – 24 300 sq. m
Maximum capacity — 180 people per shift

Main stadium (indoor track and field arena):

Estimated area — 33 680 sq. m, out of there, arena area — 10500 sq. m
Maximum capacity — 70 people per shift
Tribune capacity 3 500 people — total area 1 800 sq. m
Premises area — 21 380 sq. m
Small stadium (open-air arena):

Estimated area — 38 740 sq. m, out of there, arena area — 21 900 sq. m
Maximum capacity — 110 people per shift
Tribune — total area 3 600 sq. m
Premises area — 13 240 sq. m