Astana, Kazakhstan
Design: 2011-2012
Client: Construction company "BASIS A" (Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan)

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Nikolay Smolin, Yanina Smolina, Daria Gordina, Nikolay Novotochinov

Visualization: Evgeniy Novosadyuk, Andrey Patrikeev

The Palace of combat sports is the new building with its emblematic roofing over the arena that will act as a local landmark.

The roofing is a long-span vaulted structure made of spatial trussed arches. In layout, the arches are slid one towards the other, intertwined only in some points of the span and merge with each other on various heights. The resulting dynamic outlines of the vaults are distinctively articulate of the visuality of the sport – athletic wrestlers with their bodies interlaced in the dramatic opposition of the combat.

The Palace for 5 000 spectators will host top level combat & wrestling competitions. A two-storey stylobate of the building will contain the entire infrastructure for sportsmen, visitors, referees, journalists, representatives of World sports organizations, etc. The roof of the stylobate will act as a walkable podium offering access to the arena foyer in Summer time and direct accesses to the arena seats. Thus, the space will operate as an open air public area, or as a raised above ground viewing platform accessed via sloping stairs.

Parcel area – 40 379 sq.m
Footprint – 15 700 sq.m
Total area – 21 000 sq.m
Structural volume – 211 000 cub. m
Number of storeys – 3
Arena capacity – 5 000 seats