Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia
Design: 2012

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Yury Ashmetyev, Darya Bazhenova, Mariya Vinogradova, Ilya Grigoryev, Yuliya Dubeiko, Vladimir Zenkevich, Ivan Kozhin, Vladimir Lemekhov, Evgeny Novosadyuk, Andrey Patrikeev, Georgy Snezhkin, Kseniya Stshastlivtseva, Ekaterina Tretyakova, Maxim Tzybin, Anton Yar-Skryabin

Construction engineer: Victor Maksimichev

Our project interprets a football stadium for 42 000 spectators as a LANDSCAPED HILL toped with a snow-white bowl of the upper tier. Football pitch (105х68m) is there at the core of the hill containing a three-tier amphitheatre with a seating capacity for 33 000 spectators.

The pitch is encircled by subordinate spaces for the use of sportsmen, coaches and referees, as well as by various facilities, administration and public areas, i.e. car parks, cafeterias, exhibition areas, shops, WCs etc. From the outer contour of the building the spaces form a stepped composition by means of landscaping stair-terraces tending to a cone-like shape of a gently sloping hill.

Landscaped descents of the hill contain 30 stairs with accesses to the seating tiers of each sector. In addition to that, a web of vertical communications includes lifts and escalators off the main entrance where the hill enclosure magnificently opens up for the public.

The upper tiers for 9 000 spectators provide for the overall seating capacity essential for hosting World and European championships and other top football events. The pylons carry the upper tier bowl up to 3 meters over the hill contributing to a spectacular visual effect of the bowl soaring in the air.

Stadium roof is a translucent structure made of structural steel covered with water-proof fabric material.

Site area 454 720 sq.m
Footprint 84 440 sq.m
Parking area 53 640 sq.m
Car access area 71 650 sq.m
Paved area 147 630 sq.m
Landscaped area 88 670 sq.m out of there, landscaped roof 37 420 sq.m
Number of storeys 7 storeys
Total area 93 360 sq.m
Pitch area 13 700 sq.m
Total area of seating tiers (plane section) 27100 sq.m
Total area of covered unheated circulation galleries 47 440 sq.m
Total area of built-in parking area 115 220 sq.m
Structural volume 606 840 cub. m
Structural volume of built-in parking area 419 120 cub. m
Seating capacity 42 000 seats
Three-level parking area for 4 944 cars
Built-in parking area for 3 130 cars