Russia, St. Petersburg, Admiraltejsky District, Railway tracks at Baltijsky Railway Station, Malaya Mitrofanjevskaya Street, Plot 2
Start of Design: 2012-2014
End of Construction: 2017
Client: ZAO EtalonProject
General Contractor: OOO Stroymontazhkomplekt

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, P. A. Schlichter, V. A. Romantsev, N. A. Goncharova, D. Yu. Kozhin, with A. P. Yar-Skryabin, M. K. Goryachkina, E. V. Kobozeva

Structural Engineers: D. P. Kresov, V. M. Ioffe, E. V. Silanyeva, N. A. Kudryashova, I. B. Shustova, A. S. Denisov, M. V. Savchenko, S. S. Bogdanov, A. Yu. Korovaev, D. Yu. Yaroshevsky, A. S. Krivosheina

Visualisation: A. A. Patrikeyev

Principle Engineers: L. V. Gershteyn, M. A. Rogozhkina

Museum Exhibition Designer: A. Lapko

The Central Museum of the Oktyabrskaya Railway is intended to become a new cultural staple near Baltijsky Railway Station and will welcome up to 50 000 visitors a year. The museum collection comprises 115 items on display—trains, train cars, etc. The museum consists of a converted old depot and a similarly shaped new building. They are linked through passageways on the first and second levels and form a single complex where each part is devoted to a certain time in the history of the Russian railways. The museum visit begins and ends in the old depot, where, in addition to exhibition rooms, visitors will find a cafe, museum shop, auditorium, storage facilities, and administrative offices. In the new building, visitors get the general view of the exhibition from a hanging gallery and then go down to study it in detail. The new building consists of three parts, with a turning platform in the middle and two side wings. The side wing walls are placed at an angle of 5° to each other—the angle of a railway switch.

Total area: 19 347 sq.m