Location: Russia, St. Petersburg, Pushkinsky district, Lesnoe territory

Client: The Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics"

Design: started in 2019

Authors of the project: N. I. Yavein,

GAP - Anton Yar-Skryabin

Architects: Burdin A.V., Korovina E.V., Krishtopchik E.A., Ragozina E.S., Sokolova K.P., Soloviev A.V., Fomina M.V.

GUIs: L.V. Gershtein, L.O. Tsikoliya

Ch. project designer: Krivonosov A.S.

The main academic building, located at the convergence point of the complex, is designed according to the principles of organic/parametric architecture: the building responds to external impulses and constraints, requirements of the functional and technological program. Where necessary building opens up to the outside world, throwing out "protuberances" of functional units, forming passages between enclosures and, at the same time, filling the land in the most rational way.

Externally, the building gives the impression of an agglomerate of functional blocks of different shapes and purposes. However, on the inside this impression is dispelled by a unified educational space, implemented with completeness and consistency, unprecedented for Russian practice in recent decades. This is a barrier-free, in every sense of the word, educational environment.

By logic of its construction, this environment resembles a traditional city. Сonference hall ("the Staircase") plays the role of the central square in the "city of knowledge". It represents an inclined plane with a 4.5 m gradient, which integrates a system of rows of spectators, passages, steps, staircases with horizontal platforms and podia of multifunctional purposes.

The "Staircase" is a vertical communication: the largest auditorium, library reading room, and  recreational area - a belvedere with an impressive view of the park through the glass wall.

Total area of the main academic building -  26,442 sq. m.