Address: Russia, St. Petersburg, Pushkinsky district, Lesnoe territory

Customer: The Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics"

Design: from 2019

Authors of the project: N. I. Yavein,

GAP - Anton Yar-Skryabin

Architects: Burdin A.V., Korovina E.V., Krishtopchik E.A., Ragozina E.S., Sokolova K.P., Soloviev A.V., Fomina M.V.

GUIs: L.V. Gershtein, L.O. Tsikoliya

Ch. project designer: Krivonosov A.S.

Residential area of the ITMO Highpark campus is formed by 4-5-story dormitory buildings. The dormitories are located on the artificial terrain of Public Central Park, which gently slopes down towards the Main Academic Building. The buildings look "freely scattered" in the landscape of the park, at the same time gravitating to its planning axis - covered Student Street, which connects them to the Main Academic building.

The spatial solution of the dormitories, regardless of the shape of the plan (square, circle) involves the creation of a comfortable living unit with an atrium courtyard. This courtyard, filled with overhead light, is the communicative core of the dormitory, where the inhabitants of all floors meet and socialize.

The dormitory's room stock consists of one-bed and three-bed dormitory units with niche kitchens shared by two or three living rooms. Co-working spaces are located on each floor, as well as on the bypass galleries surrounding the courtyard.

Total area of dormitories - 76 429 sq.m.