Reconstruction of the quarter with the adaptation of two architectural monuments of the late XIX - early XX century

14B Bolshaya Pushkarskaya Str. Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Client: The Government of St. Petersburg Construction Committee
Design: 2008-2010
Realization: 2010-2012 | GFA: 11 939 m2

Team of authors:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Valery Kulachenkov, George Snezhkin, Sergey Aksyonov, Marina Goryachkina with the participation of Alexei Vetkin

Constructors: Vladimir Gershtein, Irina Lyashko, Dmitry Kresov, Natalya Prosvetova, Elena Silantyeva

The Academy comprises a teaching block and an accommodation block. In the south block with the curved faсade, there is a hall of residence for students; the north block houses a well-equipped sports centre with a swimming pool and gym, general education classes and the Academy’s administration.

The space between the teaching and accommodation blocks is designed as a covered atrium, with recreation lounges alongside twelve dance studios. Located on different levels, they ‘are dancing in space’, as Nikita Yawein likes to call the effect. To give the Academy as much light as possible, the walls of the recreation areas and ballet classes are made of semitransparent glass. This makes the dance studios feel like aquariums filled with coloured air and a feeling
of lightness, weightlessness even.

The architecture of the building creates two modes of life: play, noise, and chaos in the single lounge space and focused concentration, energy, and discipline in the isolated studios behind the matte glass. From the lounge, the view of people in the studios through the matte glass create a shadow theatre effect. This clash of modes drives the internal life of the building.

Technical and economic indicators:

Plot area - 4 852 m2. 
Built-up area - 3,000 m2.
The total area of ​​the complex is 11,939 m2.
Construction volume - 60 154 m2, including aboveground - 51 760 m2, underground - 8 394 m2.
Floors - 3-4 floors