Restoration of a federally listed cultural heritage monument and adaptation of the space for modern-day functions

Russia, St. Petersburg, 1–3A Kadetskaya Line
Start of design: 2013
End of construction: 2021
Client: Federal Agency for Education, St. Petersburg State University

Authors of the project:

Architects:N. I. Yawein, P. S. Sokolov, V. I. Parfenov, E. D. Elovkov, E. V. Kobozeva, I. L. Krylova, Ya. V. Reut, S. A. Sologub, T. E. Epimakhova with K. P. Sokolova

Restorers: O. A. Kuzevanov, N. V. Shirokova, A. A. Smirnova, S. V. Morozova, E. G. Sorokina, A. S. Timina with T. V. Gerasimenko, A. I. Razdyakonova, I. V. Sabantseva, G. F. Tsygankova

Interior Design: E. Yu. Alyoshina, M. S. Spivak, R. R. Shaidullina

Structural Engineers: I. N. Lyashko, N. V. Prosvetova, S. S. Bogdanov

Principal Engineer: D. E. Zvenyatskaya

The ensemble of the First Cadet Corps was founded on the estate of Prince A. D. Menshikov and served as a military academy for 283 years. Present-day modernization project includes creating classrooms, offices and infrastructure to accommodate 2200 students, 150 professors and 120 staffers of St. Petersburg State University. During the restoration, later dissonant additions to the ensemble will be demolished. Valuable architectural elements will be reconstructed: the newly restored three-storied wing will house the Drama Department and outer galleries will serve as recreation space for the students. Restoring these previously lost structures will revive the historic courtyard configuration. In terms of interior design, restorers will pay special attention to the halls dating back to the times of Peter the Great (Research Council Auditorium) and the entertainment complex in the style of Art Deco dating back to the 1930s–1940s. The only instance of deviating from the historic layout is adding double-height amphitheatre auditoriums seating 60 and 120 in the first floor.

Total area: 62 208,6 sq.m