Restoration and adaptation of a regionally listed cultural heritage monument
Russia, St. Petersburg
Design: 2015


Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, I. E. Grigoryev, V. I. Lemekhov, K. O. Schastlivtseva

Visualization: A. A. Patrikeyev

In our concept, the historic complex of shops and warehouses in Apraksin and Shchukin Yards appears as a fully functioning residential neighbourhood with permanent residents for the first time in the block’s history. The residential environment is comprehensive and multifunctional: residential space is balanced by workplace spaces (co-working venues, workshops, service shops), retail (retail park, food market, art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, cafes), and culture and entertainment (experimental stage of the Bolshoi Drama Theatre, the Museum of St. Petersburg Merchantry). However, residential area is 1.6 times larger than retail space, or 2.3 times larger, if we count the hotel. The first floors of most buildings and the floors above them are adapted to serve as accommodation. The typology of residential spaces is varied: there are ‘lofts on top of shop galleries’, ‘vertical lofts’, apartments combined with arts and crafts studios, etc.

Transportation access is provided via a system of underground passageways, which makes it possible to direct traffic and pedestrians to different levels. This solution is a great improvement factor for the quality of the living environment. Underground passageways are built in the streets inside the Apraksin Yard on the level of historic basements. This is convenient for shop loading and unloading and entrance to the apartments.

Gross floor area: 124 000 sq.m, namely:

apartments - 34 500 sq.m
retail - 21 100 sq.m
hotel - 13 800 sq.m
co-working venues, workshops - 13 700 sq.m
cultural venues - 10 000 sq.m