Russia, St. Petersburg, Petrodvortsovy District, 109 Sankt-Peterburgskoe Motorway
Start of design: 2007
End of construction: 2014
Clients: Federal Agency for Education, St. Petersburg State University

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, P. S. Sokolov, V. A. Romantsev with E. D. Elovkov, P. A. Schlichter

Interior Design: E. Yu. Alyoshina, M. S. Spivak

Structural Engineers: D. P. Kresov, I. N. Lyashko, E. V. Silantyeva, L. V. Shvalova, S. A. Shvedov

Principal Engineer: V. E. Kremlyovsky

Architectural Supervision: G. V. Ivanov, D. Yu. Yaroshevsky

General Contractor: Setl City Investment and Construction Company

The cafeteria and club building—the heart of the social life on campus—lies on the crossroads of the five main routes. This determines the shape of the building and the fact that there are five equally significant entryways. From the lower level, where the dining rooms are, it is possible to go up to the club living-room terraces that spiral around the auditorium, the core of the building, intended for meetings, concerts, etc. This structure gives the space a centripetal dynamic, bringing people closer and closer together. The roof of the building is also governed by the spiral motif, its height gradually increasing towards the centre.

“A five-facade stair-step ziggurat (...) seems to be in a continuous state of slight agitation, or in a process of transformation. The play of perspectives—and here each straight line treats the contraction of space in its own unique way, blowing the viewer's mind no less than the good old relativity theory—is supported by the pentagon shape, which also violates the static, and how!—you will not be quite able to grasp what exactly is going on here. And what is actually going on is the tectonic transformation of the controversially agile mausoleum that is the exact opposite of Moscow's static ziggurat designed by Shchusev. Tatlin's tower suggests itself as an obvious point of comparison as the final dominant chord.” (Julia Tarabarina. Ramp to Heaven.

Total area: 4 960 sq.m