Russia, St. Petersburg, 11 Sytninskaya Street
Design: 2015
Client: OOO UNISTO-Petrostal Project - Sytninskaya

Authors of the project:

Architects: N. I. Yawein, V. A. Zenkevich, K. O. Schastlivtseva, I. E. Grigoryev

Structural Engineers: A. S. Krivonosov, S. A. Shvedov; Yu. V. Bondarev (ООО "Tekton")

The complex consists of two functional parts: a business centre and an apartment hotel grouped around a roofed atrium in the centre. The ground floor of the complex contains the entrance spaces and shops; the first floor is occupied by the shopping centre. Offices and apartments take up floors two to six. All offices look out over Sytninskaya and Kronverkskaya Streets, while the apartments face the area inside the block.

Though a single structure, the complex appears to be assembled of several buildings as its architecture successfully imitates a city block. Along Sytninskaya Street, the front facades of Buildings 9 and 11 have been fully reproduced. The two buildings were erected in early twentieth century and were disassembled in 2014 due to dangerous condition. The Kronverkskaya Street facade has a groundfloor pedestrian gallery. The corner of the block is designed to move away from the building setback lines and the underground foundations of the Lutheran Church of St. Mary (1874, architects V. A. Schroter and I. S. Kitner; disassembled during the Siege of Leningrad). The outline of the corner courtyard traces the outline of the lost church. The rich volumetric plasticity of the facades formed by faceted bay-windows requires no other decoration than natural stone and lining brick.

Total area: 38 264 sq.m, namely:

business centre - 13 300 sq.m
apartments - 2 660 sq.m
retail and catering - 5 570 sq.m
underground parking - 12 800 sq.m