45 A Borovaya Street, St. Petersburg, Russia
Design: 2008
Client: ZAO BFA Development

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Vadim Ponomarev

The building owes its intricate shape to a number of restrictions and limitations of the land plot. Having observed all of them, including insolation, water protection (the building faces Obvodny canal), fire prevention etc., we realized that what remained was a small parcel that in its layout resembled a maple leaf. We tried to take advantage of the situation and after a series of attempts of interpretation came up with a 'radial' composition. Each ‘ray’ of the building will include both offices and meeting areas therefore each creating a self-sufficient space. Another advantage of the radial layout is the comfort-equivalency of all of the office blocks.

The rays are based on the columns – this elevated structure provides for within the complex transit to the filling station. Office building is joined by a multi-level parking. As a response to the height restrictions, the upper storeys of both buildings step back into the depth of the parcel creating panoramic-view terraces.

Parcel area – 2 733 sq. m
Footprint – 2 063 sq. m
GFA – 20 187 sq. m
Structural volume – 82 340 cub. m
Number of storeys - 13-14 storeys, including underground car park