Russia, St. Petersburg, 14 Dobrolubova pr., Petrogradsky district
Design: 2009
Client: ООО “Peterburg City”

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein (group leader), Oleg Yavein, Vladimir Zenkevich, Vladimir Lemekhov, Natalia Arkhipova, Maria Vinogradova, Veronika Zhukova

Project team: Grigory Ivanov, Ivan Kozhin, Maria Kravtsova, Evgeniya Kuptsova, Vadim Ponomarev, Margarita Yavein, Anton Yar-Skryabin

Visualization: Yury Ashmetyev, Olga Karpova

Model: Yakov Itsikson (head of model-making group)

Structural engineers: Vladimir Ioffe, Dmitry Kresov


European Embankment is the point of convergence of Three Petersburgs ? maritime Petersburg, classical Petersburg, and Petersburg of the end of the 19th century. These are the origins of the three sectors of the future development.

Residential buildings with their cour d’honneurs, hanging gardens and harbours develop from St. Petersburg 18th century mansions and palaces that existed in organic unity with water. Hotel complex is the reinvention of Classical St. Petersburg with its archetypical three-ray composition and a variation on the theme of Carlo Rossi’s streets. The design for the retail-office centre and the Dance Palace stems from Petrogradskaya Side irregular beauty with its ‘chaotic’ spaces and European atmosphere.

Three sectors of the development converge in the centre of the district creating a tiny square of sophisticated outlines. It has its precedents in the squares of old European cities and is to become the point of city life concentration. Dynamic shape of the Dance Palace is the result of convergence of all the surrounding ‘force fields’ and impulses. All of these culminate in the building transforming it into the key district ‘magnet’ attractor.