St. Petersburg, Russia
Design Project: 2012
Client: The Government of St. Petersburg

Authors of the project:

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Oleg Yavein, Maria Vinogradova, Ilya Grigoryev, Ivan Kozhin, Vladimir Lemekhov, Andrey Patrikeyev, Georgiy Snezhkin
Transport development strategy - The Laboratory of urban planning

Unlike other contestants, Studio 44 chose to present not a specific design project, but rather a methodological study with the aim to identify the full scope of the area’s potential, to find the physical roots of the problem and to outline a strategy for possible change through a number of examples. One of the features making St. Petersburg different from other European cities is the sparse street grid, large residential blocks and the resulting deficit of public spaces. In search for those, we go deep into the part of the city hidden from view and show how courtyards can be transformed and brought to the surface of city life. The courtyard capillaries join the mile-and-half-long pedestrian artery composed of Millionnaja and Galernaja Streets, or the St. Petersburg’s Cultural Axis.