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Russia, St. Petersburg, 2 Antonenko Lane

DESIGN: 2015
REALIZATION: 2016 - 2017
CLIENT: Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg MORE


Reconstructing a mid-nineteenth-century historic building
Russia, St. Petersburg, 2 Antonenko Lane

Client: Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg
Design: 2015
End of Construction: 2017


Architects: N. I. Yawein, N. A. Smolin, Ya. V. Smolina, E. A. Novosadyuk, Ya. S. Ismakova, M. N. Sokolova with M. N. Zamelova, N. I. Novotochinov
Structural Engineers: S. S. Bogdanov, A. Yu. Korovaev, M. I. Kerdol, G. A. Sergienko, A. G. Machyuta, D. Yu. Yaroshevsky, V. E. Savina, A. V. Levshina
Principal Engineers: S. A. Goremykin, V. M. Kuptsov

The building on the corner of Antonenko Lane and Moika Embankment, known as the house of merchant A. N. Yakunchikova, was built in 1851 (architects Nikolay Efimov and Bernard de Simone) and underwent an overall reconstruction in 1957, when its façades were given a classical look. Although the building was always considered a background feature and was never listed as a cultural heritage monument, the current reconstruction project opts for careful preservation of its appearance, outline, dimensions, and even placement of entrance doors. All reconstruction work related to the change of function takes place in the courtyard: the courtyard buildings were deconstructed; a new residential block was built; the courtyard was gentrified and covered with a glass dome on first floor level. The basement contains a parking space for up to 21 vehicles, a spa, and maintenance services. On the ground floor, there is the hotel reception, a lobby bar, a restaurant, and dinner rooms, while Floors One to Four house 153 hotel rooms.  

Gross floor area: 56 644 sq.m

Site development: Studio RED