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Museum of Russian Imperial Family in Alexander Palace

St. Petersburg, Pushkin,
Tsarskoe Selo

CLIENT: “Tsarskoe Selo” MORE

Museum of the Russian Imperial Family in Alexander Palace

St. Petersburg, Pushkin, Tsarskoe Selo

Client: State Museum-Preserve "Tsarskoe Selo"

Architects: Nikita Yavein, Pavel Sokolov, Vladimir Parfyonov, Anastasia Skorik, with the participation of Lyudmila Kutuzova, Iliana Donika, Yana Reut, Alla Shevchuk
Restorators: Oleg Kuzevanov, Svetlana Morozova, Yulia Komarova, Evgeniya Sorokina, Lidiya Bykova, Nikolay Bannikov
Structural engineers: Vladimir Ioffe, Irina Lyashko, Irina Gracheva, Artem Skorik

Project for the Alexander Palace reconstruction aims at creating a permanent exhibition on the life of the last Russian Emperor and his family. The Museum display is programmed to accommodate as many as 700-800 visitors at one time. In the process of design elaboration, Studio 44 was searching for an equilibrium between the need to provide for proper functioning of museum services and, thus, for modernizing the engineering facilities of a cultural heritage list building, and a means to perform that with minimal intrusions to the original structures. That is why all of the services – cloak rooms, ticket desks, cafeterias, etc. – are effectively located in the space of the basement floor that is 40-50 sm grounded.

Permanent exhibition display will be hosted in central rooms of the Main Enfilade and the rooms of the eastern wing – it is namely here that Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodorvna used to live. Western wing will contain open stacks archives and a lecture room for 100 listeners. Spaces that ones belonged to the Tsarevichs will now be used as children educational centre rooms.

Authentic representation of the Imperial family living atmosphere and household culture will be achieved through the use of the survived historical iconography, drawings, and visual documents.


Parcel area - 22 020,7 sq. m
Building footprint - 7 165 sq. m
GFA - 14 994 sq. m
Useable area - 12 242 sq. m
Structural volume - 95 540 cub. m, this includes:

  • overground - 73 740 cub. m,
  • below grade - 21 800 cub. m

Number of floors - 2+ basement floor and upper floor
Landscaping area - 6 023 sq. m
Road surface area - 8 116,8 sq. m

Site development: Studio RED